Ewincher, the electric winch handle.
The best way to power your winches. Power all your winches with a single handle “One for all”. Designed for all boats from 30 to 60 feet. Extremely versatile thanks to its numerous functionalities, it can be used in all situations and for all manoeuvres. Available in 2 colours: black and white or yellow and grey. Ewincher is a great helper on board, a real alternative to the electric winch!

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Ewincher 2 the electric winch handle works without installation needed on all winches and for all boats from 35 to 60 feet.

  • Powerful: 450 W electric, 230W of useful energy, 90 Nm
  • Fast: 0 to 100 rpm and up to  260 rpm in combined mode
  • Long battery life: more than a day of navigation, charge at 12 VDC or 110/220 V AC in 1,5 hours
  • Three modes of use (electric, manual, combined)
  • Precise speed control with variable speed drive
  • Lightweight and compact: 2,2kg
  • Safety studied: integrated torque limiter that is adjustable on smartphone, winch lock, waterproof IPX6, security leash and winch handle pocket provided.
  • No installation
  • Works on all winches and for all maneuvers



Ewincher2, faster than an electric winch:


Watch how easy it is to tack with Ewincher 2:

User manual in video (detailed video explaining how to use all Ewincher’s features):

Regarding the battery:
Ewincher 2 features a removable battery, which means that there is the option to have an extra battery if needed. However the autonomy of the battery gives enough power in most cases, so an extra battery isn’t always advisable. We don’t advise it for boats shorter than 45 feet.
To give you an example: on a 40-foot cruiser, with one charge of the battery you can hoist your main mainsail 3 times and do 35 tacks (sheeting in the genoa only with Ewincher), which is for most users enough for a day of sailing. Then the battery charges in 1h30 on both the 12V and the 220V.

Anyway there is always the possibility to buy an extra battery later if needed.

Ewincher 2 comes with:

  • 1 Ewincher
  • 1 battery
  • 1 charger 220V
  • 1 inverter 12V
  • 1 transport case
  • 1 winch handle pocket to store Ewincher on the deck
  • 1 security leash

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg

White / Black, Grey / Yellow


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